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Learn the Trade Tactics from the Founder Himself - Shayan Haider

TEAM STARTUPED 25 Nov 2021 . 4 min read
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    TLS Technology Australia NZ is an importer of record (IOR) Have a strong presence across 150+ countries and has served Fortune 500 companies.

Usually, small businesses struggle to gain buyers and get traction. Online marketplaces enable SMEs to directly import from abroad markets and gain buyers worldwide. The Import-Export companies have a sole aim to grow and develop sales in International Trade, custom compliance, and IT hardware distribution. 

Shayan and Raza Haider, Founders of  TLS Technologies, have dedicated themselves to growing the network of the company and have also expanded TLS’s presence across international markets by establishing the company’s reputation as an importer of record/supply chain provider. The name of the company highlights its core competency which is to ease the supply chain solution for IT companies. TLS Technologies stands for Turnkey Logistics Solutions for Technologies. This name symbolizes the essence of what they do and who they are!

TLS Technology Australia NZ is an importer of record (IOR), having a strong presence across 150+ countries and has served Fortune 500 companies. 

TLS Technologies is a global distribution company that delivers IT, Telecom, Satellite, and medical equipment all across the globe. The company is rapidly expanding its footprints in the ICT industry and has serviced a wide gamut of giant corporations across this space including Fortune 500 companies. Having established its reputation as a reliable and trusted company, TLS facilitates the distribution of technology products worldwide.

Import and export is a market that has always been in demand, but companies have faced restrictions to reach their potential customers due to a lack of understanding of rules and regulations and trade compliances.  TLS has always tried to help and assist such companies with legal requirements in the IT industry. “For any ICT or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM company), it is nearly impossible to track the legal requirements of sending their equipment across the world as it is not their core competency. We come into the picture for them to be able to supply their goods to reach their customer base in any part of the world”, says Shayan.

On being asked if he wanted to take up a regular 9 to 5 job, Shyan replies by saying that he did have a regular job and joined the 9-5 culture to gain professional experience. However, he always wanted to pursue something that he created on his own. “When you do something of your own, it is like having your own child. Even if you love children, having your own gives you a sense of responsibility and you want to nurture something of your own to be recognized. Creating something of your own with blood, sweat, and tears is a more rewarding feeling than working for someone else to accomplish their dreams”, added the young entrepreneur.

The founders initially were skeptical about their venture, they questioned how profitable this venture would be and the effort it would take for them to be successful. Fortunately, for them, they struck all the right chords because of the deep understanding of the industry and the experience they carried with them when they established the freight forwarding enterprise. Today, they are a reputed importer of record with a track record of 100 percent customer satisfaction, which gives the founders immense pride.

Remembering the Eureka moment, Shayan says that it was when he joined this venture with his brother, and they decided to invest a huge sum in the company’s brand visibility by creating the website and transitioning online. “When we received the first order from our website, I was euphoric as we rapidly began receiving orders from Fortune 500 companies. This led to more orders, whether via email, or one-on-one. This is when we realized, we are here to stay and it will only be one step forward from here”, added Shayan.

The industry is fast-paced and it is ever-evolving, to keep up with the changes the founder feels it is essential to catch up in terms of system integration with the customers. Shayan feels that “With the help of integration, they will be able to place the orders seamlessly. Currently, we are doing everything manually. This transition is critical for our growth to the next level”. 

During the pandemic, the company faced some issues like flight delays, less availability of space, and a lot of customers canceling orders because they were not sure of the future of the company. However, this was during the beginning of the covid crisis and as time went by, the young entrepreneurs gathered the same momentum as before. 

For Shyan, success cannot be defined by the achievement of these goals as the past victory becomes irrelevant when we set forth to reach newer goals. “Success is driven by a positive thought process and is not a measurable metric”, he quoted. 

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