The Art Of Problem Solving

TEAM STARTUPED 12 Jan 2022 . 2 min read

    As a start-up owner, some days it can seem like you’re spending money faster than you can possibly hope to make it. You know you need to be strategic about how you allocate financial resources in order to get the biggest bang for each dollar. Unfortunately, all too often this ‘strategic allocation’ means you try to do it all in order to avoid paying a full-time marketer, IT manager, or sales rep. I know it’s tempting to think that doing it all is the best way to save money. At the end of the day though, trying to manage everything means we end up being less efficient and effective – and our business suffers. Trying to do it all will kill your cash flow and detract from your core business- it’s a sure-fire way to end up in the bin of failed start-ups.

    Let's talk about some of the problems that almost everyone faces while running a business

    • Social media management content distribution program is time-consuming and tedious
    The most effective way to build trust and credibility in the social community is to first engage prospective customers by taking part in industry-related discussions. As a B2B startup, your content needs to be where your clients are in order to generate quality leads. But creating and managing social media campaigns to promote content can be incredibly time-consuming. As a one-person marketing team, you need a platform that effectively reaches relevant prospects but also requires minimal time and financial resource investment.
    • Site goes down sporadically hurting the business credibility
    Free hosting generally means limited bandwidth, restricted root access, and limited customer service support. While unlimited hosting means better bandwidth and customer service, the costs associated with unlimited hosting quickly add up.
    • Need affordable options for collaborating with clients and partners
    Sure, Google Talk and Skype can be great for international conference calls or even the occasional video chat, but you need a reliable solution for shared presentations, applications, document sharing, and desktop sharing.
    • Hidden industry expert
    Does your LinkedIn profile rank at the top for your industry or are you floundering somewhere near the middle of the pack? A year ago, I was in the same boat as you. Even though I’m a digital marketer, I spent most of my attention on Facebook and Twitter, leaving my LinkedIn profile to languish. I was missing out on business leads and I didn’t even know it.
    • Ineffective email marketing
    The average businessperson sends hundreds of emails each day. Sure, you may have your phone number and contact info at the bottom of your email, but what about your social media profiles or a link to your blog? The bottom of emails is the perfect spot for personal branding – and it’s also the most overlooked.
    • Bottom Line
    While a "do-it-yourself" attitude is great, it's also important to recognize where your strengths lie – and where they don't. As a startup owner myself, the most valuable lesson I've learned would be the good news that your weakness is likely someone else's strength. Challenge yourself to put these strengths to work for you by signing up for available free or low-cost business solutions today and see how things change.

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