Is Your Star Performer Ready For The Management?

TEAM STARTUPED 12 Jan 2022 . 2 min read

    More often than not, I have seen small business owners promote one of their young stars from a job as an individual contributor to a managerial position -- with less than stellar results. But before you promote that individual to the first rung of management, engage in a "best practices" move: Pause and assess the individual. Determine what skills he or she may be missing or needs to strengthen. Otherwise, this person may assume a position that will ultimately create stress and become part of the statistical 50 percent failure rate in promotion There are four skills that first-time manager/leaders are often lacking because they haven’t received the training or experience

    • Delegation
    The number one missing skill is delegation. As a single contributor, an employee gets work done by doing it on his or her own. Yet a manager gets work done through others, which requires an understanding of what needs to be delegated, whom to delegate specific tasks to and how to effectively delegate and monitor progress. The solution is to have employees you're considering for promotion put together a list of tasks they are currently doing that they believe should be delegated, and to whom they should be delegated. If they struggle with this exercise, it is time to pause and coach them or get them some training.
    • Creating Goals and Employees
    Setting goals and objectives for employees, monitoring progress, and communicating with clarity is another important skill that may be missing. Make sure the employee understands how to create smart goals and deliver them with clarity and purpose. Make sure these goals are not only understood but also linked back to specific corporate goals
    • Developing employees
    This may be a missing skill, but one that is a critical competency for leaders. Developing employees is also something that the majority of managers are ill-prepared to do when they step into a management position for the first time. However, understanding when to mentor, versus when to coach, and identifying skills gaps and behaviors that need to be adjusted are important in order to create a development plan, and then monitor the plan
    • Communications
    Becomes something different once an employee becomes a manager. All of a sudden, "communications" become focused on others. Specifically, a manager who wants to become a true leader needs to be able to communicate as a leader to inspire and develop others to be the best they can be. Managing further requires listening to opposing views and to varying opinions to gain an understanding, and bringing employees together as a cohesive team. It requires asking difficult and powerful questions when dealing with conflict and performance issues. Because all four of these managerial skills require knowledge of techniques and tools, and the ability to effectively put them into practice, you may be able to determine your employee's level of understanding but not his or her level of mastery.

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