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TEAM STARTUPED 04 Feb 2022 . 3 min read
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    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” It is Harsimran Julka, who proves that this saying by Winston Churchill is true! He was willing to take another chance even after experiencing failure. Today, he is running and is helping young entrepreneurs share their startup experiences. This platform especially carries inspirational stories from people who have fought a particular challenge or struggled to achieve something in life. Kudos to the team!

Starting a Tech startup has always been a struggle in India as many entrepreneurs have faced failures at the time of execution. Up until the emergence of social media, the implementation and execution of the ideas seemed like a tough job!

With the rise of internet-based consumers, India saw a rise in a lot of homegrown ideas which carved the path for a more reformed India. One such successful founder is Mr. Harsimran Julka, who started his entrepreneurial journey with a start-up called His idea was that a client would pay for a subscription, choose a partner, then meet for a hot cup of coffee and finally, decide whether or not they wish to take the relationship further or not. 

Sadly, the startup failed as nobody was willing to invest in a concept that was so new and also due to the 2008 financial crisis. After this, in the following years, he started another startup with his former college lecturer which they sold books by the kilos. Soon enough even the startup failed as they lost Rs 90 per order and then also got hacked by Russian hackers.

The failures did not deter Harsimran, they only pushed him to do better. After many years of struggle, this entrepreneur once again launched a company,  known as Startupanz. Once again, he was tested by fate as he had to move to New Zealand due to some personal issues. To survive in a new city and to fund his start-up, he did many jobs such as organizing events or building a set for Disney’s Mulan, anything that would help him fund his startup.

Startupanz monetized by earning through ads, and also by helping solve digital problems for small businesses based in NZ and Australia. When the company started it was just a blogging platform, with 3 employees working from Delhi. In the first year for the company,  a lot of author-partners became regular contributors, but to make money, they had to diversify. 

Soon he decided to launch a services arm, where they now service digital needs of small businesses from online lead generation, conversion, marketing, invoicing, design, to developing their websites.This magic trick worked out well and Startupanz is now on its own feet. It is now a crowdsourced platform where entrepreneurs share their startup experiences.

Harsimrans' journey is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs, one should not give up, try till you succeed!

Harsimran shares a few lessons from his journey with us to make the budding founders aware of how to avoid failure.

1. The vision of your co-founder should be aligned with yours. The day the vision differs, its better to agree to disagree and part ways.

2. Always keep a buffer for the rough patch, and the first 18 months, will be


3. Always keep family and friends close and never ever

compromise over your health.

4. A Startup entrepreneur’s journey is a very lonely one. It’s always good to

make friends with other startup entrepreneurs and share your experiences. It

acts as a therapy.

6. Your idea may change, but if the core team is intact all along, your startup will

be destined for many milestones.

7. Ultimately startup success is a game of the last man standing.

8. Relationships are the only thing that will last you in business. As all

businesses have a life cycle.

9. Always have a mentor and mastermind alliance in a startup. People will be

willing to help and advise you pro bono - just because they know how hard the climb is.

10. All businesses need not be unicorns. Just like not all lakes want to be oceans.

10. Find your own sweet spot.

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