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TEAM STARTUPED 16 Feb 2022 . 3 min read
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    Meet Gabriel Suppiah, The Founder at Score Campus. He is on a mission to change the way children will study! Say bye-bye to grade-based learning.

The founder of Score Campus, Gabriel Suppiah is an Engineer turned Entrepreneur. A father of two, he never believed that education should be a mundane routine. He believes that “The excitement of learning is what education needs and my job is to do that at the highest level”. While he was studying he felt that education was boring and nothing was relevant and he didn't see any reason for studying. His mission now is to make education relevant and help children move towards a new path. 

Talking about the current Ed Tech space, Gabriel says that, except for a few unicorns, many early-stage Ed Tech startups are still struggling and find it difficult to make a presence in the industry. The overcrowding of start-ups with similar kinds of services is creating confusion in the minds of the users. After solid market research, they still end up choosing the ones that have been in the market for a long time.

Score Campus in Gabriel's words is a place where children learn while having fun and making friends. These two are the most essential things for a child, Score Campus combines these to create a virtual school for students. Poor quality education often leads to terrible consequences, ultimately pushing children toward a negative impact and leaving them with hatred against the education system. Score Campus is a learning ecosystem that aims to connect students around the world through one medium, which is learning. Gabriel is an advocate of authentic learning and he is trying to bring about a change in future classrooms with technological advancements. The change is the need of the hour he feels, the current Ed Tech industry does not seem to find the solution to the bigger problem. Gabriel has envisioned making learning to be fun, creating the opportunity for everyone to change the way they learn, and providing support to students which is more than the syllabus and curriculum.

His inspiration comes from the fact that his professors tried to create the same experience for him as a student, he wishes to create the same experience for students worldwide.

As for the effects of the pandemic, Gabriel says that “Covid has revolutionalized his startup and gave an opportunity for him to study the real problems faced in the Ed-tech space and he got a lot of feedback and hence was able to build things that are far more human-centric or learner-centric rather than just digitalizing education on video conferencing platforms”. The challenge that he faces in the time of the pandemic include the fact that people have become easily irritable, “the pandemic has made the depression levels of people go higher as they are unable to go to schools and the, of course, there is a loss of physical engagement with the students”. 

On being asked about a Mentor's role in his life, Gabriel tells us that he believes that having a mentor is a must, one should be very selective in choosing so and the mentor should be better than you in many ways. He says that there is a fine line between confidence and ego and the mentor helps you to figure out which side you are on and the mentor also enforces you with positivity and confidence. 

His advice to the new entrepreneurs includes being empathetic, envisioning is very important. “Don’t just read about vision from online sources, you need to be very clear in your vision, and when someone asks you about your vision you would be able to tell them, let other people see it”. He also says that grit and resilience should be in you and money should be the last thing to think about.

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