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TEAM STARTUPED 16 Feb 2022 . 2 min read
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    Meet Sandesh Shetty, who believes in Nelson Mandel's quote that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” . He is the co-founder of Explico. Explico's vision is to make it one of the sought-after platforms by bringing students from different regions to a single co-existing learning environment.

The fast-paced world and technology are continuously interfering in our day-to-day lives and it's critical that Education starts adapting technology to become their ally. We can all agree that teachers are and will always be a crucial pillar in delivering Education. They can never be replaced but technology can play a robust support system and make teaching and learning a whole new experience. 

To keep education captivating and efficacious, Sandesh Shetty decided to launch Explico. Explico is an online-based student assessment and learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and is designed to help students identify their specific and respective weaknesses and strengths. The system then enables students to participate in unparalleled and unique modular learning based on their individual needs.

Sandesh began his career by working in a startup from where he gained experience about the know-hows of a startup. “II have always been excited about building something and have had a dream to be an entrepreneur”, says Sandesh.” The experience of working taught me a lot about the entrepreneurial journey that I was going to begin”, he adds.

Talking about Explico, Sandesh says, “Explico does a lot of predictive analysis based on the amount of data collected and provides powerful insights to students and helps them access themselves. Explico also provides modules and students can learn from those modules based on their strengths and weaknesses”.

Before Sandesh founded Explico, he had spent around 13 years working at Ed-tech companies, schools, skill development projects, and also did some consulting roles. He moved to Singapore in 2018, where he was associated with a private university. That is where he met his co-founder, who was working in a technical space for education. “He shared his idea with me and after I heard his idea, I was excited and I felt that this is where we could become the niche players”, said Sandesh. After discussing the idea, both of them decided to launch Explico in 2019. 

Explico’s vision is to make it one of the sought-after platforms by bringing students from different regions to a single co-existing learning environment where all the stakeholders can measure their learning objectives regularly. It will definitely create a better environment in the classroom and provide effective learning.

Sandesh feels that when you enter a startup space it's not just about experiences but most importantly, your attitude towards the whole setup. One needs risk-taking ability and patience in order to make a story a success story! His advice to young entrepreneurs is that - Ideas are always good but you should be able to implement them, you should always believe in yourself and the product, and you should never give up too early.

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