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TEAM STARTUPED 07 Feb 2022 . 3 min read
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    Meet the founder who has the fire and zeal within! What started as a blog is now a digital tabloid that shares stories related to the startup ecosystem, celebrities, entertainment, and many other relatable topics. We are talking about Haseeb Mohammed, the young entrepreneur who believes in hard work and is giving startups and businesses a unique gateway to get noticed by the general masses.

Before the startup ecosystem era, the chief perception about running a business was merely about garnering skills. It was limited to getting the physical infrastructure and getting the work done by hiring a workforce. But it’s highly unlikely considering the scene we have now. Today, launching and running a startup is way beyond just having an idea.

We would like to present to our readers an entrepreneur who worked hard for 5 years as an employee across various functions including product development, marketing, and business development both as an executive and a manager. Mohammed Haseeb felt like being chased by the zeal to switch to entrepreneurship that would warrant work-life balance, flexibility, and growth.

Haseeb was born in a business family and was spoon-fed to perform in a traditional-styled business. He is a big fan of businesses that operate on a revenue-generation model rather than a cash-burn model. His early influence was Zoho Corporation, which he says that he has been reading about the renowned Indian multinational technology company that empowers businesses with its web-based tools. He says “A self-funded unicorn with over 25 years in the market is the prime inspiration for me”.

 In 2017, Haseeb decided to start his own startup that today, is known as “Laffaz Media”. Laffaz Media started as a blog and is now known as a content platform that advertises startups, small businesses, and brands in front of the general masses. This is a digital tabloid that is a unified platform for a spectrum of audiences. His initial work experience in content writing and digital marketing domains backed him to kick start his journey with LAFFAZ – researching and reading about startups, tracking funding news, and updates of the Indian startup ecosystem interested him.

 The chief idea behind LAFFAZ is to bring notability for early-stage startups via publishing startup news, and branded stories. He decided to pivot into a multi-niche media platform which was a tough decision to make, but he always had a name in the back of his head, a media platform that he had been reading from his early internet days, a multi-niche international magazine that people love, and that is Mashable. He tried to summarize its expansion strategy which inspired him to execute his expansion plan.

 Over time, he and his team started indulging in exploring other emerging startup ecosystems and the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) also fascinated the team. From there, they started covering the same on their platform and also made an effort to make INDO-MENA startup ecosystem partnerships more notable through their platform. Currently, his team is evolving and also pivoting successfully.

 Haseeb, says “We are in a very early phase of considering anybody as our competition. We always aspire to be the next best version of ourselves by learning from platforms that are there in the market for years and decades”. Haseeb also mentions that there is so much information out there and the early-stage entrepreneurs are not even fully aware of it! They don’t do research about basics such as finding the right organizations to collaborate with, how to become a revenue-centered company, devising new revenue streams, and about the sources of finance other than angel investors, VCs, or accelerators. 

Having a mentor, Haseeb feels is essential, because the internet doesn’t tell you everything directly, it is important to deviate for a while and have the luxury to find new people you can learn from. No matter how good you are at something, there is always someone better than you are, and that ‘someone’ can be your mentor or competitor.

Haseeb’s tip to the young entrepreneurs -” Unless and until you become Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Sridhar Vembu, keep counting on your efforts and learn from people who have climbed up the ladder above you. The best way to summarize it is, “Without work, there is no chill, only fake chill.” - Mohammed Haseeb

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