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TEAM STARTUPED 16 Feb 2022 . 2 min read
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In India, brushing teeth twice is all it takes in the name of oral health. Although India has a number of dentists, the quality of dental health is very poor. 

The founder we are talking about today is the founder who has many accolades to his name. He is the winner of the CEO award for the years 2020 and 2021- IAA. Being featured on two most famous publications, Forbes and Entrepreneur, Satyajeet Pradhan is a well-grounded person. With his interview with StartupEd, he told us about how he started his entrepreneurial journey and shared a few tips for the early-stage founders as well. 

From a job at a call center to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, Satyajeet Pradhan, Co-founder of Bizdale and Denta Mitra says that he always wanted to be an entrepreneur and that is why he opted for Business Management. After doing a job for 7 years, he opted out and wanted to start something of his own. He started Bizdale Nets and now he has started Denta Mitra with his childhood friend Dr.Pranjan Mitra.

Denta Mitra is the world’s first one-of-a-kind digital dental clinic with more than 13 dental treatments that can be done right at your doorsteps with a state-of-art AI self-check diagnostic tool. 

Satyajeet tells us that Denta Mitra is totally bootstrapped and has raised money only through his family and friends, although they are in the process of raising seed funds for their startup.

Due to lack of awareness, oral and dental health has always been a neglected segment. “I wanted to bring a change in oral health care through technology, so when my friend approached me, I agreed instantly”, says Satyajeet. During the pandemic, everything was being home-delivered, hence the founders thought of an idea that would resolve the oral health issues for many. Visiting clinics and hospitals had become difficult during the pandemic and was not even safe. This is what prompted them to start the initiative of Denta Mitra.

With this, they bring dentists to one’s doorstep in a trolley suitcase, the doctors are available 24x7 and they take their fee only once they have finished the treatment.

On being asked about what has been his favorite part of his entrepreneurial journey, Satyajeet says that he gets to learn new things every day, also by playing different roles he gets to learn new skills from many people. For him, learning new things every day has been exciting! According to Pradhan, there’s no one has the magic formula to become a great entrepreneur, according to him, one should have skills like Persistence, Perseverance, and most importantly the courage to take risks as to starting a new thing is a herculean task. This is also the tip he wants to share with the early-stage entrepreneurs. 

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