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TEAM STARTUPED 16 Feb 2022 . 4 min read
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After doing a regular job with a bank, Himanshu Arya, Founder Grapes Digital thought of doing something of his own, nurturing something that is his own. With no background in Entrepreneurship, he decided to take the risk and start his journey towards his dream of being an Entrepreneur.

In 2009, Grapes Software, a technology firm came into existence. In the initial days, the company primarily focused on web development but, at the same time, the integration of digital innovation and automation technology into all areas of business was rapidly taking place. Soon the company started getting a lot of requests for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from clients for whom we designed the website. After a year, Google AdWords arrived. 

Himanshu saw a growing demand from potential clients but the major transformation took place in 2013 when social media became the talk of the town. Hence, the firm started as an independent digital marketing company and renamed it 'Grapes Digital' in the following year.  Today, the agency has become a renowned name in the digital marketing landscape. India’s leading digital-first communications agency, Grapes Digital nurtures a digital strategy and marketing approach across paid, earned, and owned platforms for brands of national & international repute. With both brand and business impact in the forefront, Grapes offers full services in Digital and Communication Solutions. “In the initial years, we won the digital mandate of some of the biggest brands in our initial stage and we managed to deliver the best work. Now, we are known for retaining clients and helping brands to maintain the market leader position in their respective categories”, says Himanshu.

Building a brand from scratch and taking it to newer heights is a herculean task. The founder admits that they did experience certain ups and downs like many others, but having a positive attitude gave them enough strength to come out of the ordeal. Himanshu says that “I firmly believe that a positive aura helps in transforming things. In the end, it's just a matter of keeping a clear mind. I followed this approach, and despite all the odds, the entire team’s hard work and determination showed that we have come a long way, and a lot needs to be done in the coming future”.

The company started with a small team of only two employees, but with time and the willingness to expand business horizons increased, and today, Grapes Digital is a name in India’s advertising business, and has around +200 employees. This all has been possible because of the Grapes family's hard work and determination. 

Talking about the effects of the pandemic, Himanshu says that, “With pandemics hitting the world, I think it has evolved our work effectively. Now brands have understood well how they need to adjust their business strategies accordingly. With consumers spending more time on social media platforms, brands can’t escape the route. So it has been a blessing in disguise!” Although the company was also impacted and the revenue was badly hit by the economic fallout and there was a lot of instability, still the company sailed through the tough times. Brands are aware that the virus is here to stay and the digital medium is revolutionizing the advertising landscape without digging a hole in the client's pocket. This has led companies to focus more on the digital marketing strategy in a fresh way.

Today, brands are interested in spending their marketing budget on digital media and this helped the company to acquire new businesses. The company's revenue has started to rise again and they have hired over 50 percent additional workforce in the last few months due to the rising demand for digital. 

Grapes Digital believes in sustaining the clients; maintaining the trust relation after winning the pitches. This not only benefits the brand in achieving their targets but as an agency, it helps the business in attracting new clients. This year, they have decided to strengthen their presence in the southern market which has been accomplished, they have started their operations in Bangalore. “We want to expand into other different markets and expand globally. We aim to become the Number 1 Independent agency in the country. As we grow further, we want to bag international clients and awards. We are looking forward to more than doubling ourselves in the upcoming years”, says Himanshu.

Talking about the mistakes he has made on the journey, he says, “ No one is immune to making mistakes- what matters is how to ensure that we take those lessons on board. During my initial stage of the business, what I learned was never to have dependability on any one big client. Business is all about serving the clients, but we can’t just depend on one to run the company. If one client goes, then others come, that's how the business continues to grow”.

For Himanshu, Client satisfaction is one of the things which makes him happy, it simply motivates and encourages him to do more and serve effectively. At Grapes, they follow a bottom-top approach, and always believe in retaining their talented staff and keeping them motivated to their absolute best.

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