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TEAM STARTUPED 08 Feb 2022 . 3 min read
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    Meet the founder Pankaj Parwanda, who has created affordable and comfortable getaways for the youth today! Visit the hostels via goSTOPS and make your travel and stay a perfect one!

The hospitality industry of India is quite expensive when it comes to the youth of India and they struggle to find budget-friendly hotels that provide high-quality accommodation. To overcome this problem Pankaj Parwanda along with Pallavi Agarwal decided to launch goSTOPS, the vibrant and vivid hostels for youth.

The duo got inspired while they went for a backpacking trip in Europe and saw hostels there and thought that nothing like this exists in India. After coming back to India they did a lot of research on why India did not have any such hostels. They soon figured that 33% of India’s population comes under the youth category and they can’t afford high-end accommodation and there isn’t any innovative business model in India that provides any affordable high-quality accommodation for them.. 

According to the founder Pankaj, “goSTOPS is the first Indian company that is trying to build a youth hotel brand. It aims to give high-quality accommodation within the reach of general youth for around 500 rupees per night”. He adds that their aim is to share economic benefits and make accommodation for the youth very comfortable and affordable. The startup launched its first hostel in Varanasi and saw great results and then it got expanded to Delhi. Today it has around 30 hostels across the country and aims to grow by a total of 55 soon.. 

goSTOPS leases small budget-friendly hotels with less than 30 rooms across India and leases them for 10 years. To be able to convert the hotel into a goSTOPS standard hostel they make certain investments in the transformation. Pankaj says that “The criteria for selecting a location for opening a hostel is firstly the destination where the youth travels to in high numbers and secondly is the selecting a hyper location which should have good connectivity to that particular location, is easily accessible in a cost-effective manner. We also look at some other recreational infrastructure in the surrounding area for the youth to harness”.

As for sharing his pearls of wisdom with the early-stage founders, Pankaj says that one should have a strong conviction in his idea for the startup to be successful. He also adds that hiring the first few members for the startup team is most critical for forming the base. For a founder, skills and experience is important but the most important thing should be to know if the employees are a cultural fit and how passionate they are towards the idea. The idea should excite the whole team.

Talking about mentors, Pankaj considers that having a mentor in the early stages of the startup is not necessarily a good thing as the founder needs to be determined enough to be able to pull the hassle by themselves, overcome all the hurdles by themselves. Relying on a mentor is some sort of weakness or seeking some sort of external validation. He says that a mentor should only be there for positive reinforcement of the team and should not give you advice that may derail you and not do the experiments that one needs to go through before figuring things out.

Pankaj advises the youth of India that we are blessed and privileged to be born in India which is a large country with a large youth population and one could not be born at a better time in a better country than India. India has a huge market for startup ideas and we just need to find the ideas to serve the population without thinking much about the target industry and this should excite anyone who is interested in starting his Startup and addressing a problem. 

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