An Opportunity With Purpose

StartupEd is committed to building a strong, global partner ecosystem. We look forward to a long-term collaboration.

How To Get Started ?

Become A Partner

Module 1

Register for the program and set up your account. Meet our partnership guidelines.

List Your Product/Services

Module 2

Create detailed pages about your services for the users to understand your offerings.


Module 3

Earn fees from qualifying purchases. Our competitive conversion rates help maximize earnings.

What we provide to our partners:

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    Own partner account

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    Unique trial registration link

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    Provide a certification program

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    Provide the best of breed solutions

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    Deliver quality support during pre-and post-sales processes

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    Customized learning modules and business advisory

What we expect from our partners:

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    They must be knowledgeable and constantly evolve with the market

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    Channel partners will help grow our business through sales and marketing activities

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    Develop Customer-oriented and customer-driven solutions. Ideate and iterate to strengthen feedback loops for product evolution

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    Deep understanding of market dynamics for future expertise delivery and synergies

Benefits of partnering with us?

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    Compensation Propositional to the Time, Size & Complexity of the deal cracked

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    Events to Network and collaborate with other partners of the ecosystem

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    Join events through which they will be able to provide a better solution to their customers

Learn what StartupEd has to Offer!

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