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Listen to the inspiring journey of Pallavi Agarwal, Founder goSTOPS.

Pallavi started her journey in 2014 when she opened the first backpacker hostel in Varanasi, a year after they opened the second one in Delhi. Eight years onwards, GoStops are at 32 locations, with about 2500 beds. Lets get to know her better.

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A Woman Entrepreneur Who Is Transforming The B2B Procurement Process.

Listen to the inspiring journey of Sameen Husain, Founder Prodo- her journey will inspire the women who are skeptical about taking the first steps of their entrepreneurial journey.

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Taking Education To The Next Level With Score Campus.

The founder of Score Campus, Gabriel Suppiah is an Engineer turned Entrepreneur. A father of two, he never believed that education should be a mundane routine. He believes that “The excitement of learning is what education needs and my job is to do that at the highest level”.

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Good Quality Education To Everyone In Asia.

Listen to Neelash Bhatia talk about how Akadasia aims to provide free access to good quality education to everyone in Asia.

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The Serialpreneur Is Here.

Satyajeet strongly believes in the mantra that with strong determination and a never give up attitude difficult things become easy.

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