Ready to take this challenge of 36-hours of hacking? Look upon the themes, come up with hardware or software-based solutions, and showcase your innovation skills.


Idea Submission

Explain what your idea is and why should it be selected to go further in the startupthon

Mentoring Session

Get a chance to connect with professionals and experts to get valuable insights on how to proceed


48hr virtual event, get your team together and prepare a prototype and a pitch


Give a demo to the panel of judges and compete to win the rewards

Scoring Criteria

The final project will be judged by a jury based on the following criteria:

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    Innovativeness - Innovation, uniqueness, and creativity

  • Alternate Text

    Technical Competence - Was the proposed solution technically sophisticated & scalable?

  • Alternate Text

    How advanced was the solution ?

  • Alternate Text

    Social Impact - How impactful is the idea?

General Rules:

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    It's an online hackathon, you can participate from anywhere

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    You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas, any code that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified

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    Direct plagiarism of ideas/code is not allowed! However, usage of internet resources is allowed

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